SHRM members get BIG discounts

We kinda have a major crush on HR. That's why we're giving all SHRM members a lifetime discount on company memberships + full access for all your employees to the WiseDaily Member Perks program from Abenity. 

Use code: SHRMFAN at checkout.
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All your employees get it all

Organizations save a fortune on annual training. Employees save a fortune on everything else. Sexual harassment prevention courses: included. Discounts to Carrie Underwood concerts: included. Courses on all kinds of topics. Discounts on all kinds of everything. And that's just the start.

This one's a no-brainer.

Full access to every course

Fun, quick courses that really stick. Your employees get every one of 'em. Complete access to our course library + new courses added every month.

Full access to every discount

Screaming deals and more than $4,500 in savings on everything from concerts and mattresses, to movie tickets, oil changes, hotels, car rentals, and more! 

Show the crew you're a big hero

Not only do you and your whole organization get access to ALL our courses for a monster discount, you also give employees huge discounts on everything from concert tickets, to travel, to a new computer.

Demonstrate serious value

More proof to show how being a SHRM member actually saves the company a fortune. You just negotiated a $5,400/year discount.

Create a learning culture

Stand out on the KPIs and prove you're building a learning culture, reducing employee turnover, and creating a smarter workforce. Plus, your employees will love the Members Perk program.

For employees

For managers

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Sexual harassment prevention courses included

Get the comprehensive 1-hour Sexual Harassment Prevention for Employees course, or the 2-hour course for managers. It's all included at no extra charge. 

Need something custom?

We do the heavy lifting. You become the office hero. Again.
Not only are our rates super competitive ($89/hr), and easier than doing it in-house, but we usually turn-around courses quicker than you'd think. 
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Write your awesome label here.
E-learning Courses for all

Designed & built for everyone 

Your people want bite-sized learning and comprehensive training that works on any device. From quick courses on communication to a deep dive on preventing sexual harassment in the workplace. We got you covered.

Wanna kick the tires first?

Check out a free course, or reach out and we'll get you a trial so you can peruse every course.

Full access for your entire organization: $199/month.*

Let's chat details!

*Discount available for a limited time. (Regular price is $299/month.) Lock in your SHRM discounted rate before the offer expires on October 31, 2023. 
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