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We kinda have a major crush on our members. So, we're piloting something new: Full access to the WiseDaily Member Perks program from Abenity.

All new and current users receive a free registration code to access all the discounts. 
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Y'all can have it all. Finally.

Organizations save a fortune on annual training. Employees save a fortune on everything else. Sexual harassment prevention courses: included. Discounts to Carrie Underwood concerts: included. Courses on all kinds of topics. Discounts on all kinds of everything. This one's a no-brainer.

Full access to every course

Fun, quick courses that really stick. You and your employees get every one of 'em. Complete access to our course library + new courses added every month.

Full access to every discount

Screaming deals and more than $4,500 in savings on everything from concerts and mattresses, to movie tickets, oil changes, hotels, car rentals, and more! 

Discounts on all kinds of everything.

  • $50 discount on Carrie Underwood concert tickets? Yep. 
  • $400 off a new Purple mattress? Yep.
  • 5% off Disneyland tickets? Yep.

  • Everything included in your WiseDaily Individual or Company subscription. Also, yep.

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Courses on all kinds of topics.

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