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Everyone was asleep.

No one remembered anything.

Management would later say, "but we had a training on that."


Our goal is to make awesome, fun learning. Because we're all tired of the boring stuff. Our courses are different. Our custom stuff, too. Geek out with us. We love this stuff!
JD Wonnacott
Head of Learning, WiseDaily.com

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We're huge fans of small, bite-sized pieces of learning. They're usually fun, and quick, and will make you the envy of everyone else.


Sometimes you just need some serious meal-sized learning content. We do that, too. And we may share other resources that might help.


Need something custom just for your organization? Get in touch and let's see if we can help.


If you run into any issues, give us a holler. We're a pretty kind group of folks and love to help.
What we believe


Malcolm Knowles is the Godfather of adult learning theory (Andragogy)

He didn't invent adult learning theory, but we really, really like his take on things.
(Read the following in your best Godfather voice.)

I want to choose

People want to choose what they're learning about. Crazy concept, right? Forcing folks to learn something new just doesn't cut it.

Does this apply to me?

How is this relevant to me? And we want answers now. Knowing where to go to get those answers makes a huge difference.

Experience matters

Turns out, folks already know stuff. Use it as the foundation for additional learning.

Solves a problem

We're problem-centered learners. That means we learn to solve a particular problem or satisfy a curiosity.
Meet Our Founder

JD Wonnacott

He's tall, bald, and his daughter says he has a nice personality, so he's got that going for him. JD holds a master's degree in business journalsim and has spent most of his career helping people learn and communicate. He's worked with companies of all sizes: Fortune 500 to small non-profits. He loves 'em all. He enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing with his four kids. Also sleeping. Loves sleeping. In his spare time, he runs WiseDaily and learns something new every day.

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