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The company subscription gives you and ALL of your employees access to ALL of our content. Plus, ALL your employees get full access to the WiseDaily Member Perks program by Abenity. Great courses + great discounts. And you're the hero.

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How it works

We get it all set up for your entire company. Basically, we do the heavy lifting for you. Check out the steps below.
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1. Sign up for a company subscription

Pretty straightforward, but if you have questions, just holler. We've tried to make this part super simple.
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2. We'll help import
your people

All we need is a .CSV file. We'll reach out and give you all the info, or even set up an option for your people to sign up (for free) on their own. Lots of hand-holding.
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3. We'll give everyone access

We'll then make sure everyone has access and can start learning. 
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4. Celebrate!

This is the hard part, what with being carried around the office and people cheering your name and all. Heck, they might even give you a parade, and a crown.

Coffee mugs don’t motivate employees

Give them WiseDaily: Quick, fun courses that feel less like training and more like something your friend would send you.

of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if it simply invested in helping them learn.

of the respondents indicated that job-related training and development opportunities influenced their decision to stay at their job.

of hiring managers considered employee training as a key retention tool.
Why Choose WiseDaily?

Give your team something more

What it says to your employees

It says to your staff that they’re more important that spreadsheets, and emails, and everything else. It says to them, we want you to be happy, to be at the top of your game, to share ideas and laugh and enjoy what you do. It says to them, we know you’re busy, but here’s a few minutes to relax, to learn, to enjoy. 

What it says about your culture

It says, let’s create a learning culture. A culture of smiles and tiny improvements across teams. A culture where they share. A culture where they know you care. Where they love leadership, because leadership puts them first. A culture where everyone can spend a few minutes here and there and find the best version of themselves.

What it says about leadership

No corporate speak. No boring training they can’t wait to just click through as fast as possible because they don’t see any value. Give them something to look forward to. Something to talk about in team meetings. Something that says, we’re all just human beings doing the best we can, so let’s have some fun along the way.

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