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Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Managers

It's everybody's favorite annual training course! Learn how to create a respectful and inclusive culture, free from harassment and discrimination. We cover all the rules, regulations, and specifics surrounding sexual harassment, how to prevent terrible behavior, and what you as a manager need to do about it all.  
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The Best Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Leaders

A sexual harassment prevention course that doesn't immediately put everyone to sleep. No snoring here. A little different. Very effective. See why.

Some of what we cover in
this course


Buffaloes don't care about respect. They'll gore you good.

Quid pro quo

Three of the most terrifying Latin words in every HR manual.


Aretha Franklin would be proud, we're pretty sure.

All the laws

Everything you need to know, laws, and what to do next.

...and we feature examples in the course from

Sheila Stroganoff
"Stop touching my leg all the time, Kelly. You're creeping me out."
"I only told Kaitlyn her haircut looked nice. Oh dear, did I cross the line?"
"Good grief, Veronica. Talk about TMI. I really don't need to know all that."
"He sent what?!? This is why I don't date coworkers anymore."
"Get out of my way, Tyler. I want to drive my Chrysler tonight."
"Why didn't I get invited? I am wearing shoulder pads, after all."
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Frequently asked questions

What's your pricing?

If you want to host the course on your LMS, we only charge $5/seat. Or, you can get this course + access to our complete learning library + daily learning nugget, all for only $299/mo with a company subscription. Talk about a good bang for your buck. 

Does this course meet state and federal regulations?

Yep. Some states have different rules and regulations. We've read 'em all and included everything to ensure this course checks all the boxes in all the states, including CA, NY, CT, DE, ME, IL, WA.

Is this course for supervisors and employees?

This one is for supervisors, managers, executives, whatever you call 'em in your organization. Some states require supervisors get 2 hours of training. That's why this course is geared toward supervisors. If you're looking for non-supervisor sexual harassment training, check out our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training for Employees course.

Is this course self-paced?

It is! You can take it at 3 a.m., 3 p.m., whenever. It's up to you. And because it's designed with mobile in mind, you can take it at your desk, waiting in line for lunch, on the train, or at home. We've tried to make it as easy and convenient as possible.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes. It's very fancy. Hang it on your cubicle, office fridge, or carry it in your wallet to show friends and family. Everyone will be very impressed.

How do I keep track of who's completed the course?

All company subscriptions come with admin features that allow you to log in and get the scoop on who's completed the course and who's been slacking. No waiting for us to send you reports. You get instant access to everything you need to know. (If you decide to host the course on your own learning management system [LMS], then it's up to you and your LMS administrator.)

Is the course SCORM compliant?

You bet it is! (SCORM compliant is a fancy way of saying the system tracks everything to make sure users complete all the course, pass the tests, etc. It's a bit more complicated/technical than that, but you get the idea.)

Do you have a course for employees (non-supervisors), too?

Yes! We have sexual harassment prevention courses for employees AND managers. The difference is the manager course has a few extra sections and take a little more time. Some state requirements ask managers to get extra training, hence, the two courses we offer. See the employee course here.

Want to chat details?

If you have questions, just give us a shout 

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