Quick Course | 3 mins

Why Vulnerability May Be Your Superpower

A quick course from Carl Shawn Watkins:

A little vulnerability goes a long way in humanizing yourself and helping those around you understand your "Why." See how one leader's experience changed his team for the better.
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Some of what we cover in
this course

Vulnerability in the workplace

Why it's important and how to cultivate it.

Courageous leaders

Examples of a leader whose vulnerability paid off.

Overcoming nerves

What the science says about overcoming nerves and embracing vulnerability.

Rabbit holes

A great resource if you want to do a deeper dive on this one.

A quick course from Carl Shawn Watkins

Carl Shawn Watkins

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Since 1991, Carl has been changing the narrative of "vulnerability" by empowering them to achieve their goals. After spending the past three decades embracing vulnerability, courage, shame, and worthiness, he believes leadership has nothing to do with a job title. He believes a leader is anyone who holds themselves accountable for finding potential in the diversity and value in people. 

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