Quick Course | 3 mins

How Introversion is a Strength, Not a Weakness, in Marketing

I felt my marketing training nudge me to take control of the interview with a queue of questions.... But my introversion stopped me—no, let her talk. Thank goodness, I listened.
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Some of what we cover in
this course

Active listening

We all think we're good listeners. We're not. But you can change that and be a really, really good listener. And we all want that.

Providing feedback

Feedback is good. Feedback from a jerk is not. Some tips on how to be an awesome feedback giver and receiver.

Tips for introverts

We love introverts. Listening is one of their skills. Flex that muscle. 

Avoid getting sprayed in the face with water

You'll just have to take the course and see.

Jennifer Cheek

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About Jennifer
Jennifer is a copywriter who helps businesses find their brand voice and attract their ideal customers. She enjoys partnering with business owners to communicate the value they bring to their potential customers.

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