Quick Course | 3 mins

Finding What You Want to See

Carmen loved her old job where she could help people. As she approached a new chapter in her career, she discovered she could continue to help people, but in a different and fulfilling way.
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Carmen Klassen

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About Anne
Carmen is a true knowledge seeker and has been devouring words since she could read. After a few years in university, she fell into the school of hard knocks while trying on a variety of hats (mostly figurative). When she reached her 30s, she couldn’t bear to be away from formal learning anymore, so she enrolled in online university and finished her degree in Psychology while raising four tiny humans. Now, she spends her days as a freelance writer serving businesses across the globe. She also spends some of her evenings working on a series of women’s fiction books. While some things have changed (she added a husband and saw three children become adults), she still loves knowledge and reading.

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