Quick Course | 3 mins

How to Show Less Gratitude at Work

Coworkers, managers, and underlings (especially underlings) want a leader who shows NO gratitude. Or do they? A tongue-in-cheek approach to improving employee turnover. 
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Some of what we cover in
this course


Some good and bad examples of gratitude in the workplace

Employee turnover

Why a culture lacking in gratitude sees more turnover

Thank you notes

Some good, better, best...and bestest options.


It'll make sense if you take the quick course. Promise.

...and we feature a real-life example in the course from

Katie LaBar

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Katie is a seasoned communications specialist with a Bachelors Degree in Speech and Interpersonal Relations. She is currently working towards an Associates Degree in Medical Assisting, where she aims to combine her communications skills with her passion for healthcare and human services.

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