Quick Course | 3 mins

Why Jumping Into Barrels at Work Isn't Courageous

Michael and Jenny were both asked to join the CEO atop the 100-foot platform. What followed was a lesson on courage in the workplace. 
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Some of what we cover in
this course

Workplace courage

Why it's important and how to cultivate it.

Courageous leaders

Examples of leaders whose planning and analysis paid off.


Barrels might be great and all, but don't jump in 'em.

Rabbit holes

Some great resources if you want to do a deeper dive on this one.

...and we feature real-life examples in the course from

Marc Joiner

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Marc Joiner is a Marketplace Partner for KPMG Canada. He has more than 30 years of experience improving effectiveness and efficiency resulting in more strategic and enhanced value to partners and the rest of their organizations.

Angela Anastasia Floca

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Angie is a passionate copywriter AND full-time mom of 3 challenging princesses. She is the founder of Angie’s Jazzy Writing where she applies her experience as a mom and a writer to help organizations capture the brand voice that gets results.

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