Your boss isn’t an evil lizard person

Despite what you may think, your managers probably aren’t evil.

We have two scenarios here:

Most common scenario

Your leaders are actual humans who, like you—a human, are just doing the best they can. They have friends and family and a mortgage and bills to pay and dreams and everything. They try to improve. They read leadership books and articles and take courses and hope to treat their coworkers well, be liked, and be effective.

Less common scenario

Your leaders are lizard people hellbent on subjugating the human race, starting with your department.

What we learn

A graphic showing the likelihood your boss is an evil lizard person vs. a regular human doing the best they can. The point we're making is bosses are human, like you, so extend a little grace. Also, lizard people aren't real.
Assuming the first scenario, maybe cut your manager a little slack? If you’re not in a leadership position now, you will be. Extend some grace, eh?

Or assume the second scenario and make yourself some paperclip num-chuks immediately. You’re gonna need ‘em.

And now a wise prediction.

The new head of people operations will call you into his office this afternoon.

For some reason, all he does is hiss at you for, like, 10 minutes.

You can probably assume they’ve hired a lizard person.

A wise course.

Want to avoid becoming a lizard person? Of course you do. Ahem...course.
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