Why you don’t put your head in a cannon

Asking questions will prevent the following from going very wrong.

The Mons Meg was one of the most powerful cannons in the world. It weighs six tons and could fire a giant cannonball and obliterate a target 2 miles away. A pretty impressive weapon.

The key is knowing how it works.

Trying to use this awesome tool without asking questions first is a bad idea. A really bad idea.

It’s an important lesson in the workplace:

Ask questions so the project doesn’t blow up in your face.
“When people ask questions, it’s a good thing…. It shows me that they are invested in their work. No one knows everything. If we hire people who have all the answers, they have no room to grow. (Just don’t ask questions that Google can answer. That’s lazy.)” (Source)

And now a wise prediction.

Megan in engineering will ask you how to use the new copy machine.

Show her the proper method for getting the machine up and running, and for heaven’s sake, don’t let Megan put her head in the toner tray whilst fixing a paper jam.

That could be disastrous.

A wise course.

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