This really might surprise you

New study says folks who consistently learn make more money over time.

A new study from Bocconi University and the University of London shows that workers who acquire more skills earn a higher salary. (Source)

Now, don’t gasp.

Turns out, if you’re skilled with lots of different programs, and have leadership skills, AND you’re constantly learning and improving, not only do you have better chances of getting promoted and making bank, but you’re also more engaged.

Now if only people had a place to go and get new skills and training. Someplace where they could be wise, you know, daily.

And now a wise prediction.

Peterson really wants that new promotion.

So do you.

But Peterson doesn’t put in any effort to learn anything new.

You, of course, do…daily.

Also, you’re going to get the promotion. Neener-neener, Peterson. Neener-neener.

A wise course.

We normally wouldn't advocate bragging, but in this case, you totally should. Take the quick course below and then laud your new-found wisdom over your coworkers.
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