I’ll help you but only if I slept well last night

New study says losing sleep makes you more like Montgomery Burns.

A new study in PLOS Biology shows that folks who don’t get enough sleep are LESS likely to show altruism and donate to charity. (Source)

They don’t turn into Montgomery Burns or anything…though to be fair, the study didn’t confirm nor deny this fact.

What it did say was they found three interesting results from losing just one hour of sleep.

From the study:

  1. …At an individual level, 1 night of sleep loss triggers the withdrawal of help from one individual to another.
  2. …At a group level, ecological night-to-night reductions in sleep across several nights predict corresponding next-day reductions in the choice to help others during day-to-day interactions.
  3. …At a large-scale national level, we demonstrate that 1 h of lost sleep opportunity…reduces real-world altruistic helping through the act of donation giving….

If your team isn’t getting along, maybe sleep has something to do with it.

If you have one team member causing all the conflict, maybe sleep has something to do with it.

If you want your team to volunteer in the community a bit more, maybe sleep has something to do with it.

Maybe there’s a theme here.

And now a wise prediction.

Sally in accounting will drop a binder full of reports on her way to the team meeting.

Instead of stopping, Peterson will walk past her without helping.

Because you got enough sleep last night, you’ll stop and help. You’ll even collate the reports as you and Sally put everything back in the binder.

Looks like someone got enough sleep last night.

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