Hey boss, I need to whisper something in your ear

Why quiet quitting is neither quiet nor quitting and why it’s nothing new.

Quiet quitting is getting a lot of play these days everywhere from LinkedIn to The New York Times.

Here’s what it’s NOT:

You’ve finally had enough, you can’t take it anymore, and in a rage, you storm into your boss’s office and very quietly, you whisper, “Shhhhhhhh, I quit.”

Here’s what it IS:


You’re tired of going above and beyond all the time so you decide to just do your job, coast a bit, but no more hustle, hustle, hustle.

This means, when you see a job posting saying a company is looking for the next marketing rock star, or auditor rock star, or sales rep rock star, lots of people are gonna say, “Meh.” It’s just a euphemism for “we’re looking for someone we want to work to death.”

And on a side note, when did we as a society think a rock star was a good comparison to a great, hard worker?

Come on people, use your heads.

And now a wise prediction.

Peterson will storm into your office this afternoon all sorts of frustrated and fired up, clearly upset.

He’ll walk over to you, bend down, and whisper ever so softly:

“I quit. I’m going to start a band.”

Respond with, “Rock on, Peterson. Rock on!”

A wise course.

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