Can you get it all done in 6 hours?

An alternative approach to a four-day workweek. See what you think.

One of our very wise subscribers, Jennifer, sent us this interesting article from the BBC, titled: The case for a shorter workday.

It’s definitely worth the read.

Examining the concept of a shortened work day, this paragraph stood out because of the potential for reduction of errors, which may be something you’d want in a healthcare setting, eh?
“As a result, many workers’ efficiency may increase, while their mistakes decrease. In a world where all of us are capable of being distracted by full range of priorities, a shorter workday is more likely to be a workday, as opposed to work and a whole bunch of other things that are on my mind,” says Grant. “If you think about hospitals, people doing software engineering or accounting work, for example, where attention to detail is important, I would also expect that a shorter workday would reduce errors.”

And now a wise prediction.

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