Burned out employees just need water

A new battery could do the trick…just add water.

With all the talk these days about employee burnout, it’s hard NOT to look for ways to help us all have a bit more energy at the office.

Consider this weird and interesting finding from a research team who discovered how to make paper batteries. Just add water and you’re in business.

Definitely worth a quick read:
“A water-activated disposable paper battery is presented in a proof-of-principle study in Scientific Reports. The authors suggest that it could be used to power a wide range of low-power, single-use disposable electronics – such as smart labels for tracking objects, environmental sensors and medical diagnostic devices – and minimise their environmental impact.” (Source)

And now a wise prediction.

Malcolm in customer service seems pretty burned out this afternoon.

Walk by and throw a cup of water on him, so he can recharge.

You might think folks won’t like this recharging method, but you’ll soon discover they love it. So do it frequently.

A wise course.

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