A simple “trick” to be sharper at work

It’s not so much a trick as it is good common sense.

When Neil McNeil was asked, on his 105th birthday, the secret to his long life, he said “Scott’s Porage Oats.”
Scott’s was founded back in 1880 by A. and R. Scott, brothers who partnered to make delicious oat products. Their Porage Oats are a well-known breakfast staple in the UK.

Neil was obviously a fan—105, people. He had a bowl every morning. (Sometimes as a midnight snack.)

Studies show Neil was on to something. Eating a balanced, healthy breakfast helps us to be sharper and more alert while at work. (Source)

This shouldn’t really come as a big surprise.

So why don’t we sit down and eat a balanced breakfast every morning?

And now a wise prediction.

You’ll walk into the conference room this morning to find Peterson, sitting in a chair, with his head on the table, sound asleep.

When you wake him up, he’ll have a Post-It Note stuck on his temple.

Poor Peterson…didn’t eat breakfast, apparently.

Also, don’t tell him about the Post-It Note. This presentation is going to be hilarious.

A wise course.

Speaking of common sense. Check out the course below.
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